BESTIAL SUMMONING – The Dark War Continues CD

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The Dark Was Has Begun
1 Victory Is Ours
2 Unholy Prison
3 Evil Will Prevail
4 Exorcism Fails
5 Give Me Your Orders
6 Enjoy Your Death For Satan
7 Summoning The Brothers
8 Countess Of Evil
9 The Dark War Has Begun
10 I Am Home
11 Dwelling Of The Unholy Ghost
12 The Birth Of The Antichrist
Venray OJC Dingus 26/06/1992
13 Evil Power From The Abyss
14 Empire Of Torture
15 Your Pain Is My Lust
16 Take Me Baphomet
17 I Call To Thee
18 Insane God Of Impurity
19 The Secret Of The Pentagram
Rehearsal Compilation Track 1991
20 The Sinister Ritual

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