BONG RIPS FOR JESUS – The Last Session Of The Dopified Apostles CD


1 Endankification
2 Jesus Has Resin
3 Chambers Of Infinite Black Tar
4 Corpses Vaporized Through Post-Dab Suspension
5 Total Retardation After Zong Inhalation
6 Organ(ic) Edibles
7 Satan’s 666 Ton Nug
8 Medicinal Use, Anal Abuse
9 The Dopecrypt
10 Ganja Gasmask Mass Suicide
11 Bongmitzvah!
12 Ground Into Human Kief: Last Daze Of Humanity
13 M13 Devastation Squad (Fuckin’ Up The Rotation)
14 Nothing But Stems…
15 420 Year Long Sesh
16 Moldy Harvest Paroxysm

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