BUTCHER MD – Traces of Gore CD

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1 Public Carcass Disintegration
2 Fistulating Malodorous Mass
3 Bilateral Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma Of The Eyelids
4 Shotgun Brain Tumour Removal
5 Among Ripened Deceased (Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage Cover)
6 An Exquisite Harvest Straight From The Putrefying Cadaver Plantation
7 Human Decomposition Gas Explosion
8 Man Who Suffocated Himselfby Corpse Gases Collected In The Crypt
9 Devourgland (Cakewet Cover)
10 Miscarriage Purposelessly Dumped To Sewers
11 Exhibitionist Found Hung By His Own Bleeding Tendons
12 Traumatic Haematomyella From Self-Inflicted Axe Injury
13 Putrefactive Cranial Nectar Leaks From Wrecked Skull
14 Exhumated Then Castrated
15 Severed Human Head Half-Digested By Pulled Stomach
16 I Didn’t Kill Your Wife, I Just Burnt Her Eyes With A Blowtorch

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