COMMANDO FxUxCxKx – Slum Zombie Gore CD

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1 Marching On The Rich’s Corpses
2 Melting The Brains Of The Bastards Fuckers
3 Insane In The Gore Brain
4 Terror In The City Of The Zombies
5 Marquis De Sade – The Sadistic
6 Alcoholic Diarrhea
7 Furious Uprising Collecting Killing (FxUxCxKx)
8 Deformed Childrenheads
9 Lacerated Cops
10 Slum Bloody Gore
11 I Shit On Nazis’ Entrails
12 Assassins Of Political Scumbags
13 Doomed Murders
14 Exploded Corpses In The Morgue
15 Tropical Reich – Fuck Off
16 Bleeding Peptic Ulcer

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