HOUKAGO GRIND TIME – Bakyunsified (Moe to the Gore) CD

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1 Bakyunsified (Moe To The Gore)
2 Houkago Grind Time
3 Effortless Regurgitation Of Kyoani Moeblobs
4 Endless Eight Part 2
5 Ruptured In Akkariin
6 Hey Toshino Kyoko
7 A Manual Of Ways To Occupy Oneself While Waiting In Line For Limited Edition Merch
8 Endless Eight Part 6
9 Walk Her Home Gently
10 War Bad
11 Moe: Nani?
12 Makoto Shinkai Has A Goatee
13 M Is For Moe
14 Is The Order A Blastbeat?
15 P Is For Keikaku
16 Fuwa Fuwa Grind

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