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1 Of Fervid Tongues & Gnashing Teeth
2 The Suction of Rectal Exsection
3 Definitive Voluntary Negligence
4 Oh, the Sweet Sickening (Of Wonderful Twisted Hole Defunctment)
5 Restless Anxiety From Endless Thoughts of Defilement
6 Sodomising Despoliation, Until I’m Content (Suicidally Self-Raping Bleed Out)
7 Ire
8 A Creature Composed of Lips, Genitals, Thrashing Limbs and Puckering Anuses
9 Writhing in Darkness
10 Torturous Sex Dungeon Decorated With Festoons of Large Intestinal Tract & Colon
11 Manhood Lost! …..with each Furious Thrust
12 Terrible Ominous Presence
13 Molestation Manifested in the Doorway to Eternal Penetration
14 Disembowled From Behind in the Midst of Spine Removal and Foul Asshole Abduction
15 Penis Snipped at One Centimeter Increments
16 Intruding Intussusception
17 Mixture of Sloughed Mucosa (Homogenously Cannibalistic)
18 Red Currant Jelly Leaking From a Chained Up Suspended Male Impregnation Experiment

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Lord Of The Sick Recordings