MEATAL ULCER – Its Time To Die Again / It’s Hatred Made Matter CD

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Its’ Time To Die Again
1 Black Devil And A Skeleton With A Million Dollar Grin
2 Are You Ready For It?
3 Just Another Cemetry
4 Like A Burger In My Hands
5 Up To 1000 Years Of Play-Doh Has Begun
6 My Asshole
7 To Fly The Freshest And Rock The Greatest
8 Marinate In The Pain Of A Tenor And Realise This Means No Hope
9 My Hot Water Service Is Cold
10 White Vomit With Green Cabbagey Bits
11 He Payed For That White T-Shirt And Dyed It And Bought A Pre-Dyed Shirt Just Like Your Fucken Ripped Jeans
12 The Zoo Is Open
13 Twisted Loverose Of Skeleton Beginnings
14 I Want To Take Out My Voodoo Love Queen For More Vomiting
It’s Hatred Made Matter!
15 When Several Species Cause Disease In Animals That Occasionaly Spread To One Man
16 Feel A Sense Of Unknown Creep Lay Eyes Upon You
17 Black Seaweed And A Skeleton With A Million Dollar Grind
18 College Bitch
19 Roadraper
20 Laurie
21 Face Hugging Shrek Mask
22 Bourbon Breath
23 Gynaecological Instruments For Operating On Mutant Women
24 Black Hoodies
25 Obanion
26 Hobson
27 I See A Swordfish
28 Poltergeist
29 Happy Ending
30 Oh, Life Was Such A Comedy
31 Dont Touch My Coffee
32 Ejaculation
33 Chicken Salt Green Extacy
34 Summer Of 2007
35 Slut In Cop Outfit
36 I Am The Devil Snake With Crossed Legs In The Temple
37 Taxi Ride

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