MOUTHING THE OFFAL – Transgender Defunct CD

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1 Nightmarish Origin Of A Sexual Psychopath
2 Erogenous Maggot Stimulation
3 Parenticide Coitus
4 Transgender Defunct
5 Comorbidity
6 Spirals Behind A Vacant Mask
7 Necro Rectal Delirium
8 Excavating The Pelvic Shell
9 Castrating Bravado
10 Open Wound Feces Play
11 Dystonia Orgasms In A Woman’s Skin
12 Copius Amounts Of Genitals Decomposing In My Basement Sink
13 Whittling My Urethra
14 Twisted Void Of Penetrable Decadence
15 A Voice Nestled Behind The Teeth Of Her Brainless Skull
16 Alcoholic Masochism
17 Hysterical Facial Slicing

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