1 I Love Nothing, Nobody, Nowhere (Death To All)
2 We Pledge For The End Of The Human Race
3 Piles Of Politician’s Corpses Reeking
4 Rage Against The Mankind
5 Hatesworn Dead Humanity
6 Walking Through The Graves Of My Desaffects
7 Gruesome Body Count
8 Indifference To My Foes Suffering
9 Rejected And Bled (Mysanthropic Martyr)
10 A Teenager With Puerperal Depression Staabbed Hew Own Perineum Til The Guts Flow
11 Everything Is Lost, Suicide Is The Cost
12 Stained By Refusal (Nihilistic Art)
13 Broken Dreams, Cutten Arteries
14 Join All Your Enemies At The Same Place And Kill Them All
15 Raped Inside By Disgust And Agony
16 Extermination Group Of Animal Hunters
17 Brutalest Suicide Tatics Due A World Of Lies And Suffering
18 Sick And Dying
19 Grateful Multi-Orgasmic Masturbation With Her Husband’s Defleshed Humerus And Femours
20 Romantik-Erotik Goresong (Lovesoaked Suicide)

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