OPHIOCORDYCEPS – Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens CD

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1 Bacterial Contamination And Overheating Of The Matter Caused By The Irreparabile Alteration Of DNA
2 Infinite Cerebral Loop Of Neurotemporal Cognition And Organoleptic Sensory Loss
3 Prototype Of Paragordius Tricuspidatus And Of Spinochordodes Tellimii
4 Ekbom Syndrome (Instrumental)
5 Atmospheric Compression And Saturation Of Pathogenic Saprophytes
6 Partial Decomposition And Reconstruction Of Human Tissues Inhibited By The Lack Of Organic Carbon
7 Irreversible Acid Variation Of The Atmospheric Composition And Production Of Corrosive Anhydrides For The Human Respiratory System
8 Excessive Accumulation Of Mutagenic Toxins And Mental Alteration Of Reality
9 Pollution Proliferation (Instrumental)
10 C35H48N8O11S

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