OPHIOCORDYCEPS – Psycho Degenerative Dysfunction Induced By Parasites Inoculation CD

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1 Non-Uniform Neuronal Acceleration Induces Cerebral Matter’s Molecular Dispersion
2 Pagan Mutaform Humanoid Hybrid Persecuted By A Recurring Medieval Inquisition
3 Post Mortem BDSM Parallel Dimension
4 In Transition With Charon In The Fourth Dimension
5 Planetary Implosion And Subatomic Decomposition Imposed By Increased Pressure In Anaerobic Fermentation
6 Alien Saw Industry For Sorting Degradable Human Compost
7 Orbital Pulsanting Organic Material Mass Sewn For Orifices Forms Saturn’s Rings
8 Cellular Trapiant Of Mushrooms Parasites In Human Brain
9 Primordial Broth And Bacterial Evolution

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