PUTREFUCK – Impending Necrophilia In Fresh And Pale Cadavers Arriving To The Morgue CD


1 Arrival To The Morgue
2 Exhumed & Putrefucked
3 Reeking In The Freezer
4 Delicate Lover’s Dismemberment
5 Fetus Choked With His Own Umbilical Cord
6 Be Blasted
7 Ablation Sickness
8 Real Rape Recorded On Tape
9 Next Door Necrophilia
10 Enjoy The Taste Of The Rotting Flesh
11 Pineal Gland Fucked Through Cranial Hole
12 Japanese Gang Rape (Of Christian Missionary Bitches)
13 Bundy’s Misogynistic Procedures
14 Ingesting Regurgitated Genitalia
15 Prefrontal Lobotomy In Retarded Infants
16 Testicles Turned Inside Out
17 Infibulation Nation (Ablation Sickness II)
18 Never Ending Priapism
19 Nymphomaniac Decapitation (Praying Mantis Syndrome)
20 Tupperwared Body Parts
21 Auto Fellatio With Broken Neck
22 Gynecologist’s Perversities
23 Uncontrollable Cannibalistic Instinct (Jeffrey Dahmer)
24 Parade Of The Deformed Fetuses
25 Autopsied Alive
26 Newborn’s Premature Death (Baby Blue)
27 Fuck The Putrid Cadaver

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