RECTAL SMEGMA / CLITEATER / LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY – Rectal Smegma – Cliteater – Last Days Of Humanity CD

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Rectal Smegma
1 Fingerbang Orang-Utan
2 Hymen Hysteria
3 Cunt Drunkula
4 Brothers Of The Sisters Of Suffocation
5 Slayer But Gayer
6 From The Womb To The Tomb
7 Piss On Your Rainbows
8 Post Mortem Raging
9 Scaphism
10 The Devil Rides Out
11 We Are Dropping Like Flies
Last Days Of Humanity
12 Pungent Bowel Fermentation
13 A Cerebral Substance Sliding Through A Festering Putrefying Vein
14 Horrific Horrefying Compositions Of Decomposition
15 Treatment Of The Ulcerating Tumor Curing Necrophobic Delusions With A Sledgehammer
16 Ectomy Of Festering Misogyny Excrement From Life
17 13 Reasons Why Somebody Else Should Not Have To Pick Up Your Mangled Body From A Train After Your Suicide
18 Analyzing The Clinical Abnormalities Of Rigor Mortis
19 Surgical Resection Specimens Cut Away With A Rusty Blade

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