SEPTIC AUTOPSY – Necro Secreations Vol. 1 CD

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Orgy Of Illness In A Putrid Body
1 Body Combultion Rest Of A Putrid Flesh
2 A Shot Of Necrovaginal Secreation After The Autopsy
3 Postmortem Depravity In Stench Room Of A Decrepit Hospital
4 Retarded Of The Purulent Cankerous Supuration & Devoured By A Worm Rot
5 Organic Rest Of Coagulated Cancerogangrenal Tumour
Endobronchial Matastasis Of Osteosarcoma Presenting As Position Dependent And Variable Airway Obstruction Of The Trachea
6 A Shot Of Necrocvaginal Secreation After The Autopsy
7 A Surgical Method Of An Insane Maniac
8 Depraved Pathologists Rape A Torso
9 Faciotomia Y Reconstruccion
10 Miserable Degradacion De La Carne En Cirujias Septicas
11 Organic Rest Of Coagulated Cancerogangrenal Tumour
12 Worm Infested
Postmortem Examinations
13 Tubercubacilemia Fagocitosis
14 Homofermentative Tumor In Pelvix In A Septic Method Of Putrify Corpse
15 Procesos De Drenado De Substancias Pestilentes
16 Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure
17 Cribosa Haller Habenula With Abciximab
18 Dapoxetina Induced
19 Terminal Abnelval In Congenital Diseases
20 Decay Of The Delactopexia
21 Liquido Amniotico Expuesto A Sistemas De Descomposicion
22 Mentraulynfomatosis Cuts In The Torso
23 Anal Puke For A Black Pest In Golumicyst
24 Bacteriospermia For A Rotten Coital Act
25 Galactopoyesis Post-Mortem And Vaginal Infections
26 Necroliquid Fluid In Lymphatic Anal Cavities
27 Toxoplasmosis For Inhuman Necrophiliac Bodies
Hidrocefalica Experimentacion
28 Fase Terminal Por Blenorragica Aguda
29 Orificio Blancoamarillento Infectado
30 Vesicovaginales Y Supurantes
31 Traumatismo Por Cirujias Inexperimentadas
32 Insanidad De La Celulitis Gangrenosa
33 Documentando Actos Medicos Ilegales
34 Estado De Infestacion Bacteriologica
Chronic Disseases Examiners (Abnormal Putrefaction And Infections)
35 Accidental Puncturing Of The Carotid Artery From The Surgical Technologist Dropping A Scalpel-Without Beginning Ride
36 Smegmatransfution In Phatoginecological Decrepit Cadaver Pustulated
37 Colon Infestoxicological Corrision And Supuration Of The Absses
38 Analysis Of Phlegmtuberculosis Tumors On Cephalotidae
39 Epitelial Red Skin With Coagulationecrosis In The Tissues
40 Eviscereted Corpse (The Fest Of The Maggots)
41 Medular Separation And Transplant Of Pulmonar Parts
42 Cadavic Error In The Surgical Method-System Fail

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