SEPTIC AUTOPSY – Necro Secreations Vol. 2 CD

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Septic Autopsy / Infester – Carnal Dissection Of The Thoraco Wall / Hidden Medico-Pathological Inquests
1 Introduction To The Illegal Practices (The Begining Of A New Study On The Festering Corpses)
2 Oxidised Scalpel To Cut The Infected Viscous Liver
3 Toxicological Induction To An Aminocyclopentanecarboxylic Acid
4 The Soggy Appearance Of Liquefying Tissue As A Result Of Severe Larval Feeding Activity
5 Bad Periperal Circulation Of Venomous Disorders
6 Embalming The Putrefact Body
7 Showering Bile Contamination
8 Congenital Tumour Constitued By Embryonic Tissues And Foetal Residues
Potential Contamination Of Forensic Entomology Samples Collected In The Mortuary
9 Dapoxetina Induced
10 Taxoplasmosis For Inhuman Necrophiliac Bodies
11 Pathological Gore Sickness
12 Bronquial Mucus Of The Pulmonary Dacay (Mouth Full Of Green Phlems)
3 Ways Of Infected Autopsy Into The Cannibalism
13 Failed Excision Of A Malignant Intra-Abdominal Abscess
14 Fatal Dislocation And Snapping Of The Undeveloped Spine And Spinal Cord Of A Semi-Birthed Infant Abortion Mishap In The Third Trimester
15 Scientifically Engineered NeuralGlial Cells Of The Endothelin & Neurotrophic Type, Used To Regenerate Tissues In The Colon
16 Strict Disinfection With Quarantining Practices Imposed Upon Prosthetic Organ Valves Used In The Transplantation Of Lab Grown Organs
17 Last Minute Radical Emergency Esophagectomy Procedure On A Cancer Infected Thoracic Wall In The Fourth Degree
18 Same-Site Re-Operation Due To A Post Operative Failure Herniated Organ Having Been Re-Torn Through It’s Previously Stitched Cavity Wall
19 Congealed And Crustifying Nasal Mucosa Buildup Causing Asphyxia In A Comatose Patient Suffering From An Un-Noticed Esophageal Motility Disorder
20 Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy Of Severely Malformed Ovaries And Cauterization Of The Fallopian Tubes Within The Infertility Affected Womb
21 Cystic Tissue Rot Eruption With The Ever Fattering Larva Of Lucilia Illustris The Medical Implementation Of Proper Debridement By Means Of The Juvenile Calliphoridae
Septic Autopsy / Gangrene Discharge
22 Agenisis Of The Inferior Vena Cava
23 Human Anatomy, Torture Devices
24 Post Mortem Pathology
25 Removal Of The Cranial Vault
26 Extensive Post Mortem Injuries
27 Maceration Of The Skin
28 The Dark Discoloration Of The Sclera
29 Decomposition Happens Twice As Fast In Water
30 Black Sludge Coating The Entire Body
Septic Autopsy – Forensic Mala Praxis
31 Acute Necrosis Of The Lower Leg
32 Rib Cutters
33 Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage In Cavernous Sores
34 The Organs Are Removed
35 Necropsy Done On A Saltwater
36 Post-Mortem Injuries
37 Agenesis Of The Inferior Vena Cava
38 Preservation Of Body Parts Through A Process Of Plastination

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