TOI TOI – Thriller CD

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1 They Made the Movie The Human Centipede, Based On My Life As The Middle One
2 I Hate Pregnant People
3 Necrococks In Upright Position
4 I Heard It Through The Rape Whine
5 Deepfried Children
6 Whoratory (Your Eyes Say Yes, But You Ass Says Aids)
7 Even Though Your Lisp Makes Me Horny, You Still Sound Retarded, Which I Love
8 The Phlegminist
9 Strangled With A Virgin’s Entrails
10 Craptopsy (Brown Bowel Bonanza)
11 Fucked With A Rusty Nail
12 Circle of Dead Mongoloid Children
13 Inc’est La Vie!
14 Mandatory Sewerslide
15 Random Medical Dictionary Words
16 The Obscene Extreme Anthem
17 Diarrhea of a Madman
18 Gresera
19 This Is Shit
20 I Ate Myself And I Want To Die
21 I Cut Off Your Head Just To Use Your Spine As A Dildo

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