Visceral Carnage – Perverse Collection Of Mutilated Bodies CD


Act 1: Behavioral Sickness
1 Demise Of The Despised Female
2 Dismembering The Innocent
3 Lascivious Cysticercosis
4 Rancid Vaginal Lust
Act 2: Sadistic Impulsiveness
5 The Resurrection/Gut Ripping Orgy
6 Bizarre Acts Of Gruesome Torture
7 Butchering Virgin Cunts
8 Population Of Parasites
Act 3: Remants Of The Tortured
9 Raped Decapitated And Eaten
10 Gutted With A Semen Covered Scalpel
11 Horrid Defleshment Of A Ravished Corpse
12 Perverse Collection Of Mutilated Bodies

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Bizarre Leprous Productions